2020 The Year I Am 50

There’s nothing like the end of the year and especially the end of a decade, to make you think; FUCK! I need to change. Especially when what’s coming up in 2020 is my 50th birthday.

I try to avoid reflection but so far that hasn’t gotten me where I would love to be. So I’m doing it now, to see if it will make things different. Make me different. And in turn make my life different.

Do I need to be different?

That’s the first question that popped in my head as soon as I wrote that last sentence. And my inner voice said to me straight away; Not different, Sarah, just be more you.

I tend to let fear get in the way a lot. I let it remind me of how I’ve not done this or that in the past, so why do I think change is going to happen this time?

Suddenly I remember my old exercise mantra

I can, I will, I am

I remind myself, I DO have lots of examples of where I have pushed through my thoughts, dug deep and discovered that I CAN do things and there’s no fucking good reason why I can’t do it again.

Sarah Cairncross thinking about her life

2020 The Year I Am 50 – The Year Of RAWRRR!

Haha! That makes me feel a bit She-Ra and so here’s a list of outcomes I want in 2020


  • Love what I see in the mirror
  • Be able to run for 30 minutes and enjoy it
  • Receive a massage once a month or more


  • Have a profitable, fun, blog
  • Feel relaxed and happy about my cashflow
  • Accumulate savings that are equal to 3 months worth of outgoings, or more


  • Experience one new social activity every month
  • Feel close to friends and family
  • Be in a loving, romantic, amazingly sensual relationship

That’ll do for now, I’ll jot down some ideas on how I’ll achieve those things and figure out some small actionable daily steps.

Hmm, what am I going to do to encourage self discipline… Got any tips? Tell me!

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