What’s RawRRR all about?

The Inside Story

Sarah CairncrossWhilst living in Australia in 2005, Sarah Cairncross discovered juicing via an online group talking about Jason Vale aka Juicemaster (sounds a bit kinky to me).

Gripped the following day by a tv infomercial showcasing the Oscar Vitalmax, she fished out her bank card, parted with cash and became the proud owner of her first juicer. Which she still uses today.

Thereafter ensued an on again, off again, love affair with fresh juices and forays into the murky depths of the world of raw foods, whole food, wild foods, juicing and green smoothies.

Something she keeps returning to as it plain and simple, makes her look, feel and think better.

With a love of travel, Sarah’s vision is to continue to explore the world, helping others from her laptop wherever she may be.

Oh and she is an INFJCreator and Kolbe A

What’s this site all about?

It’s my personal online space where I write about whatever interests me.

Whether that’s my latest attempts to lose weight, get healthier, fit and feisty; or musings about what direction to take next in my life. Maybe I’ve read something which has caused a strong reaction in me that I want to share. Or I’ve just stumbled across the most amazing chocolate something or other.

Oh and of course, you’ll see posts about my ‘mostly tasty’ fresh juice and smoothie concoctions I like to create.

Basically whatever takes my fancy. I’m a bit of a sporadic blogger but I hope you’ll join me on my journey and share what’s happening in yours. It all ends up good in the end 🙂

What else do you do Sarah?

How did you guess? Yeah.. I’m a bit of an entrepreneur. I have lots of ideas and am now streamlining everything and taking more action so I can help more people. You can discover what I’m up to by visiting SarahCairncross.com

I hope you enjoy the site and if you have any comments or suggestions or just want to say hi, please contact me!