Ben & Jerry Icecream Seduction

Whilst in Tesco earlier, I was hovering around the chilled section.. ok, I was ogling the Ben & Jerry Icecream and the half price seduction offer. Just as I was about to reach in the cabinet and bung one in my basket a funny little gnome┬áman said, “Excuse me..”

He then went on to tell me a story about some healthy eating programme he’d been on for the past six months and how part of the education was learning how much sugar is in everything and how bad it is.

(and ok my mind did start to wander as I thought rather smugly – Yes, small round person, I KNOW all this as I am an intrepid researcher of health facts and sometimes actually put it into practise!)

Was it my fat gut, guilty expression or just something about me that attracted this interaction? I mused..

He then made me guess how many spoonfuls of sugar was in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. To be frank I was somewhat shocked it was only 13 and said as much, all the while thinking about window licking the ice cream cabinet door.

I then went on to say “Yeah but allll that fat and sugar sure does taste good” and my internal voice was saying “yeah and you know exactly why you shouldn’t be eating it and why if you were shopping on a full stomach and didn’t have a sugar demon on your shoulder you wouldn’t even be tempted ffs”.

So I decided to smile at my gnome friend, see it as another sign from the Universe to do something else that I’ve got planned but not quite got the balls to start it yet, and not eat it.

It’d probably taste shit anyway.

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