Visit the She Said erotic boutique in The Lanes, Brighton

Tantra and Porridge

You may know that I signed up with Bird to go to a Tantra workshop/information evening last night at the Impure Art gallery located below She Said Erotic Boutique in Brighton. I was REALLY excited …

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50's Housewife holding a jumbo sized enema bottle with a big smile on her face - why is that?!

Why Do A Coffee Enema?

I have been dead good and done only juices all week – even resisting mash potato and gravy AND ice-cream, but hell I feel bloated. This is probably a combination of my period being due …

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Day 50 weigh in - I'm fricking awesome!

I’m Fricking Awesome!

Drum roll please… I have fricking well completed the Jason Vale 7lbs in 7 Days juicy challenge and apart from the VERY occasional lapse, I DID IT woooo hooooooo!!! Despite that, I still felt like …

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