Sarah Cairncross looking ruffled

Balls… Rolling Them

I’m looking kinda serious and sort of ruffled.. why? I’ve been having a long old chat with my friend Craig today and I’ve told him he is now one of my mentors. Lucky him. He …

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Who am I?

Who Am I?

Standing in the shower washing myself, I thought back to the photos I’d just been looking at. Photographs of me. And the thought popped in my head.  Who am I? I’ve got no idea where …

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Insights to wealth - handmade soap

Insights to Wealth

I’ve just stumbled across a fantastic report by Mike Adams on – The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth – and thought YES this is so true for so many people. It’s written as a story, …

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Manifesting Tool - The Magic List

The Magic List

Whilst browsing online, I came across this article by Chyrene Pendleton about writing a magic and thought you may find it helpful – I know people who do this and they have truly magical lives …

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