Clean Green Juice - day 4 of 100 day juice challenge

Clean Green Juice

I didn’t get round to making today’s Clean Green juice until late afternoon as I went back to yoga for the first time in a month, this morning. ┬áDamn I was feeling fat and grumpy …

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Green juice recipe - a happy moment

A Green Juice Happy Moment

I know, it’s another green juice. The thing is, I LOVE green juice and psychologically they make me feel like I’m super marvellous. It makes me smile when people wrinkle up their nose and go …

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Slick Willy - a gorgeous green juice by Sarah Cairncross

Slick Willy

It’s a beautiful fresh green juice thing… my Slick Willy *grin* One of those juices that make you think “Mmm. I should have made triple the quantities”. And not a cucumber in sight to make …

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A Smoothie Or A Juice A Day

Freakin’ Fridge Fart

This juice is a case of – oh my gawdddd, is that all we’ve got in the fridge? For the Freakin’ Fridge Fart I juiced 3 sticks of celery 6 peeled mandarins (they were small …

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A juice that feels like good morning kisses

Good Morning Kisses

Grubbing around in the kitchen this morning, as I’ve been decidedly slack about doing food shopping, I created something that turned out to be so fab it reminded me of the joy of good morning …

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