How to make cabbage crisps, or cabbage chips if you're in the USA ;)

Cabbage Crisps

So I didn’t have any kale in my veg box this week *boo hoo*, what can I make crisps from instead? Cabbage! In the interest of experimentation, I thought I’d give it a whirl. I …

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Nothing could be more Austin Powers than this juice!

Psychedelic Shake

Only Austin Powers could give you more psychedelic shake than this juice! Ok, the picture is more psychedelic (psychotic?), than the juice but I felt I must share it with you. It’s groovy baby. It …

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Pink perfection juice recipe

Pink Perfection

I’m on a roll now!   I rustled up this one in the kitchen and it really does taste gooooood.  No, I’m not a stuck record, just a fricking fabulous juice recipe creator 😛 Here’s how …

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