Sarah Cairncross drinks green liquid lunch

Liquid Lunch

G’day to you.  I was just sat here on this bloomin’ freezing, snowy day – yes, snow, even in Shoreham.. tucking into my green liquid lunch when I refilled my glass and thought hmmm let …

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Celery Shoehorn - a quick raw food snack

Celery Shoe Horn

Ok, well no video today.  I did say photo OR video eh – feedback on what you’d prefer is always welcome though. I did have a go at making tomato crackers from the Kate Wood …

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Fresh juice recipe with beetroot in it

Raw Beet Juice Mmm!

This morning I looked in my fridge and thought hmmm, what shall I bung in my juice? And you know what, I think I managed to create something pretty goddamn delicious! Rawrrr Beet Juice mmm …

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