Celery Shoe Horn

Ok, well no video today.  I did say photo OR video eh – feedback on what you’d prefer is always welcome though.

I did have a go at making tomato crackers from the Kate Wood book but gawd, what a fricking disaster – BOTH times I tried it.  They just turned into thin pancakes in my dehydrator, so thin I couldn’t peel it off the sodding teflon sheet and had to just wash it all down the sink.  Aaaargh!  Oh well, if anyone has made that recipe work, let me know what the frick i did wrong ‘cos I can’t figure it out and will not be trying it again.

So today, I freed the chick peas I’d soaked over night and sprouted in my jar off eBay for the last 3 days or so – they were beginning to fight for space, and made some raw hummus using another Kate Wood recipe.  It involved 250g sprouted chickpeas, tahini, tamari, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, garlic cloves ummm water – I think that’s all.  Anyway I blended that all up and added some more lemon juice and a bit more oil and water to try and help it and… YUCK!  I thought it tasted pretty horrid.  I’ve stuck it in my fridge anyway in the hope I may find it more palatable tomorrow.

Ummm… I thought.. NOW what can I do for today’s raw meal?

All I’ve done today is snack on fruit, drink water, eaten half of Chloe’s sandwich (naughty I know and it made me feel bloated and more hungry as penance) and had disasters in the kitchen.

I cooked the kids sausage and mash and gravy (torture and I HAD to taste the mash with a teeny bit of gravy…) and surveyed the car crash which was my kitchen and thought… “I’m not hungry.. bum”  and went and mooched around watching a crap diet programme on tv, staring at dimpled asses.

Then I got hungry. YAY I thought.. what can I whip up that is quick and easy and may photograph ok as it is now 10pm’ish and there is no way I’m going to make a video now.  And voila!  one of my fave raw snacks which I’ve nicknamed the Celery Shoe Horn, cos it’s celery and looks like a shoe horn.. c’monnn it’s late and my imagination is not working so great.

What’s in it Sarah?!  I hear you scream.  Well my lovely, let me tell you!

I cut a perfectly ripe (hass) avocado in half, which was a JOY… I hate cutting avocados and then finding out they are still a bit hard or even worse, covered in brown bits on the inside, yuck!  I was so pleased with THIS perfect green loveliness in fact, that I couldn’t resist scooping some of the flesh out immediately and scoffing it.  I then spooned the rest out into a bowl, added some Malvern sea salt, Tabasco and a squeeze of lemon and mashed it all up.   I was going to add some chopped tomato too but had used it all up on those stupid non-crackers grrrr.

Once it was all mashed up with a fork, I haphazardly stuffed it in two sticks of celery and topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds (ok I had an accident at one end of the first celery stick – top tip – don’t pour straight from the bag), and also plonked some of my sprouted chickpeas on one to make me feel even more healthy.  And voila!  Quick, delicious and pretty darned healthy.

Byeeee 😀 x

Celery Shoehorn - a quick raw food snack

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