I’ve got a grumbling gallbladder. This discomfort first came to light early this Summer and I undertook a natural approach to resolve the problem and agony. All was good until now, so it would seem that it wasn’t enough. I need to do more.

I’m experiencing physical discomfort from it again as I write this and it’s made me think about the bigger picture of where I’m at in life. How I do just enough to bring myself back into my comfort zone when maybe, what I should be doing, is pushing through the pain and making the transient changes I choose, last longer. Have new habits.

And when they too become comfortable and something starts to niggle, instead of seeking to smooth things over by placing a comfort blanket metaphorically over the top – be the goddamn Princess! Find and remove the effing pea and become the next, better version of myself. The Queen.

This year was meant to be about Self Love but have I been honouring that the past few months?

I have created some boundaries with doors to invite people in or shut them out instead of erecting impenetrable walls, so that’s a plus. I’ve work to do in this area still, especially as I want to start dating again.

I’ve also noticed triggers and chosen to acknowledge and talk through them, resulting in better communication more often than not.

Then there’s situations when I’m lying to myself, creating chicken and egg scenarios in my head with regards to choices I can make. When really, I should just be saying – Sarah, what would you LOVE? And going for that instead of being scared and trying to pick the right choice and doing nothing as a result.

Follow my head instead of my heart

As my friend Paul has said often to me; “Your head hasn’t gotten you very far has it? So why not say FUCK IT, and do the scary, real shit. What’s the worst that could happen? You end up LIVING the life you love? Being your best you?”

Ummm, yeah.

Mel Robbins also said it on her Instagram feed recently…

What is the price of your new life? The death of your old one.

Image by the very talented Madalina Andronic

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