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Feeling Like An April Fool

You’d think I’d be used to getting my kit off and standing in front of a camera by now but I’m not. And this month I did it even though I was feeling like an April Fool. Why? Well, because I hadn’t done much more moving in March despite my declarations last month.

I had made a firm decision on doing a video diary this year though. So stripping down to my tragic undies on the 1st of the month IS going to happen, whether I’ve done what I said I was going to do or not. That reminds me. I REALLY must buy a bikini or something more suitable/attractive to wear for the next one. Maybe.

Anyway, on with the show!

Here’s the damning evidence haha. Have a ganders and then scroll down to see my weight and measurements compared to previous months and my thoughts on how I’m going to turn this into an Awesome April!

1 February 2017

Weight: 74.7kg / 165lb / 11st 11lb
Chest: 107cm
Waist: 91.5cm
Tummy: 106.5cm
Hips: 104.5cm
Arm: 30.5cm
Thigh: 60cm
Calf: 39cm

1 March 2017

Weight: 71.6kg / 158lb / 11st 4lb
Chest: 103cm
Waist: 88cm
Tummy: 103cm
Hips: 103cm
Arm: 30.5cm
Thigh: 58.5cm
Calf: 39cm

1 April 2017

Weight: 68.4kg / 151lb / 10st 11lb
Chest: 101cm
Waist: 84cm
Tummy: 97cm
Hips: 100cm
Arm: 28.5cm
Thigh: 55.5cm
Calf: 37.5cm

Well, those are some pretty fabulous results. I’m very happy with that!


Thoughts for Awesome April…

What would make this month awesome for me? Hmmm…

With regards to being healthier, it would be awesome if I continue to shed fat and centimeters despite returning to the UK half way through the month.

We’re a family that likes to celebrate any event with food, so it will be an interesting weigh in and measure on 1st May. There will be no regrets regardless of the outcome, as I’m going to enjoy every mouthful and moment with my family.

Another thing that would help the awesome sauce of April flow, would be devising, starting and sticking to a micro commitment exercise plan. I’m going micro as I’ve read that gaining successes – no matter how ‘small’ – all add up to good vibes and progress and feelings of accomplishment which will help me gather, and keep, momentum going.

In the past I’ve been too ‘all or nothing’ in my approach and I want this to be a sustainable lifestyle change. Life ain’t smooth but I can enjoy the ride and cut down on self imposed stress.

I’m ready to let go of old beliefs, lard and limits. How about you? Share your awesomeness with me by leaving a comment below x


PS. You can thank Snapchat for the fabulous filter I used for my selfie at the top of this post. Aweeeeeesomeeee innit.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Like An April Fool

  1. Fantastic work!!! Wow, that’s a whole lot of weight to lose in 2 months.
    I love how you describe it as a “micro commitment” to exercise. I totally agree, you have to do what works for you not only physically but mentally to keep it sustainable for life. I have finally fully accepted the fact that the real hard-core weight loss is done with the diet and not exercise. I have 15 lbs I want to lose by mid-summer. I plan on succeeding… just like you have been 🙂

    • Lovely to see you in here too! Thanks for leaving me a comment 🙂 We know we need to do both – eat well and move more – but I’ve definitely found mastering one thing (eat well) and making it a habit before making more changes is working out for me. Thank goodness! Also I’m not perfect and I don’t beat myself up about that any more either. Taking the stress out of my life by removing my self-imposed ideals is definitely helping my overall wellbeing and happiness. I want to feel good more often than not and that is now my focus. The weight loss is a happy byproduct – one that I hope continues to happen mind you haha! Get clear on why you want to make changes, write ’em down and read them daily, you’ll get where you want to be. I know it xx

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