I thought I’d start running again…

I’ve been having the urge to get outside and move my body, most unusual! So I thought I’d start running again. I mean, I used to go running and it made me feel great. Didn’t it?

So after waking up early several times and erm, then falling back to sleep again, I told myself last night that if I woke early – by 5:30am no less – I’d get up and go for a run, no matter what the weather was doing.

My traitorous body duly woke me at 4:45am precisely.

At this point, I should have done a Mel Robbins and told myself  5 Р4 Р3 Р2 -1 and leapt out of bed with a smile on my face and got my running gear on.

Instead, I confess I grimaced and thought… It’s not 5am yet is it, let alone 5:30am… And lay there a bit longer.

I was startled by what happened next

My bloody mind kept saying things like;

“You’re not going back to sleep Sarah, listen, it’s not raining, it’s not even that cold – your nose isn’t cold is it? I know you haven’t gotten your running clothes out and ready but you DO know where they are. Just get up and put them on, go on, you’ve had an extra 10 minutes of duvet time. You said you’d do it…”


I DID say I’d do it and I also said I was going to upgrade myself and make my word MEAN something. Be true to myself. So I can trust myself again and improve my self confidence.


So I got up. I drank some water. I did some feeble stretches and then dug out my old but more-or-less unworn sports bra, a knackered tshirt and my only pair of exercise leggings that leave my calves bare and the hairs on them trying to trap any passing air for warmth – they need to be hairier. Did I really just say that?

Getting into my bra was not a piece of cake

I’d bought one that zips up the front, thinking it’d be easier to get in and out of but all I can say is that my boobs must have been smaller a couple of summers ago as this was like trying to herd cats and I could have done with having an extra pair of hands to help. But then, I’d have never made it out haha! Maybe by the end of this year, my filthy dreams will come true…

So, hair tied back, trainers on, watch on wrist – to make sure I stay out longer than 5 minutes – I went outside.

Bloody hell it’s dark at 5:05am down my road – no street lights at all. All the better for no-one seeing me, I reminded myself and set off at a light trot. Ok maybe my gait is not THAT light but I was moving faster than a walking pace.

I was running!

Crikey! I thought to myself, I really am doing this. I’m out. I’m running and I’ve managed two solid minutes and feel OK.

I’ve said hello to three foxes who literally stopped and looked at me with, ‘What the actual fuck?’ expressions. I’ve puffed past some other nutter also out, they were walking though, UNLIKE ME! LOOK! I’M RUNNING!

Smug or what?

I began to remember how much I’d loved running

Run Away From Fat by Dave KuehlsNot something I’d gotten into at all until ooh, about 2000, when I was fed up of feeling fat after having had my two kids and bought myself a book recommended in the paper – Run Away From Fat by Dave Kuehls.

Before this, I’d made every possible effort to NEVER run. I couldn’t understand why people would want to do it, let alone publicly. I mean, most of the nutters along Worthing seafront would look like they were in pain – where’s the joy in that?

However, this book changed all that. And despite being amazed at how sweaty I could get and still be alive, I went from barely running for 30 seconds at a time, up to loving a 45 minute session.

I was a regular for a few years but I stopped and I can’t remember why or when. Probably because it got frosty – I hate the cold and don’t want to slip and break my neck. And then I also became a nomad, and without routine, I find it hard to keep motivated.

Anyway, back to this morning.

All was going well, until…

My bra decided to unzip itself.


It was hard enough to zip it up in the first place in the privacy of my own home let alone trying to wrestle my tits back in their cage on the streets of Worthing.

I did stop and have a fumble under my hoodie but quickly decided that it wasn’t going to happen and I’d just have to run anyway.¬† There wasn’t really anyone else around to witness my embarrassment, was there?

And so I did. And I only saw one other person who probably wondered why my arms were glued to my chest. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I feared and my clothing stopped them lolloping around too much.

I managed 17 minutes in total! With a mix of slow running, sprinting and some fast walking to recover in between – maximum fat burning effort.

The best thing was that I didn’t let me stop myself, so I’m feeling very chuffed. And I’m also making sure I drink more water today as I wasn’t sweating like I should have been and well… you can see the bags on my eye bags in the picture I took on my return.

I’m also going to go buy another sports bra and some leggings as I think I’m going to try this again.

How’s your New Year?

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