What happened on my Juicemaster Super Juice Me experiment?

I confess. I did 21 days of Jason Vale Juicemaster’s 28 Day Super Juice Me plan and then I did the worst thing ever.

I stood on the scales

My starting weight was 12 stone and when I next got on the scales it showed I was 11 stone 4lbs which was a loss of 10lbs. As the cogs whirred and it registered in my turbo brain cell I internally screeched..


Hmm – hang on a minute, shouldn’t I be dropping about a pound a day doing this? I mean I’m not even sure I’ll reach the one stone mark (14 lbs) at this rate, and definitely won’t be shedding two stone as I’d eagerly anticipated at the beginning.

I then remembered what Philly had said to me – that she’d released a stone when she did it last year and had felt amazing. And also Linda recently finished it and released about the same amount I think.

So I reminded myself that I shouldn’t have weighed myself yet, to just go and watch the coaching video on the app again and get my arse out and go shopping for the next round of juices and stop being a pussy.

The problem was, the coaching didn’t help, I felt like I’d failed and all I could think was..

What’s the freaking point?

Not even reminding myself why I started this in the first place helped – that had worked for me every single time I’d wavered in the past 21 days. But not now.

I was STILL struggling with my energy levels, wanting to sleep way more than was normal and I was finding the thought of another week of the juices from the app totally unappealing.

Then the thought that put the nail in the coffin of my Super Juice Me attempt..

“Fuck it”

So when I had a visit from my daughter and cooked for her, and again with my son. I thought.. FUCK IT. Fuck it, Fuck Fuck Fuck it! And decided to eat something.

And although I told myself I could get right back on the juices again, I just didn’t want to. And proceeded to eat potatoes in various forms at least once a day for the next three days and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Here’s what was good about doing the juice fast

  • The Super Juice Me app (now known as The 28 Day Juice Diet app) was GREAT. It made shopping and juicing  easy peasy. It took away excuses and having to think about what to do and I chose to shop every other day so my stuff was fresh and I got exercise from walking
  • I knew there was an online community available to me if I wanted their support
  • The coaching videos Jason Vale included on the app addressed key issues clearly and with humour and the ones he’d created showing how to make juices are brilliant for a novice
  • My skin had started to clear up and I was told my eyes were bright and shiny
  • My clothes were fitting me better
  • Some of my brain fog lifted and it was getting easier to wake up in the morning
  • My nails grew easily and were strong. It made me realise how weak, bendy and prone to breaking they were before I started
  • My legs stopped aching really badly and walking became a joy again
  • I got back in the habit of sipping on water throughout the day
  • I didn’t feel hungry but did get cravings – loved how they changed from junk food to whole foods though.. mmm. cherries..
  • Oh and I released 10 FREAKING POUNDS from my body – pretty damn awesome really!

Would I recommend the Super Juice Me plan?

Yes I would, especially for someone who has never juiced before and has health issues. It did make me aware of unhealthy habits I had – physical as well as mental – reaching for food for all manner of reasons.

It also gave me the kick up the butt I needed to be mindful while I was ‘eating’ – to really be present with my food, enjoy the texture and smell, the colours and the flavours and be bloody thankful for it.  Oh and to sit down and enjoy my surroundings too.

I also became more aware how my body felt after ‘eating’ a juice or smoothie. But I did really, really wish I’d poo more regularly haha (this is an ongoing challenge for me, regardless of what I’m eating – TMI? tough!).

What would I do differently next time?

  • I would take the elements of what made the process easy – ie. only having 2 different recipes each day so I could make everything in one go
  • Plan 14 days worth of juices/smoothies in advance so I don’t have to think about what I was going to make and create a daily shopping list
  • I would avoid nut milk as I found it upset my digestion quite a bit
  • Have more vegetables and less fruit in my recipes as I was struggling both with the taste at times as well as my body bloating and becoming uncomfortable and very farty
  • Include probiotics
  • Do a parasite cleanse
  • Maybe even do enemas..

Would I attempt a 28 day juice fast again?

Hmmm never say never. But I’ll be more inclined to have a juice instead of a regular meal once or maybe twice a day as just part of a normal healthy, whole foods eating routine. I do love ’em.

I’m going to do a 1, 2, 5 or 7 day juice fast to keep my body happy, at least once a month – just do what I feel I need at that moment.

Anyway, that was my experience! Tell me about yours by scrolling down and leaving me a comment below xx

20 thoughts on “What happened on my Juicemaster Super Juice Me experiment?”

  1. You LOST 10LBS!!!!! You never told us that or we would have hidden the potatoes! Well done you for sticking it out for three weeks,it gave you a place to go from thats 10lbs lighter and if it doesnt make you feel fab after 3 weeks ditch and try something else but please not watermelon!!

    • Haha Gaile, I’m glad you didn’t hide the potatoes, they were worth every mouthful mmm! Ok, I promise I won’t do another watermelon fast. Well, maybe only for a day..

  2. Thanks for the post. How did you decide what juicer to buy? I m in the planning phase of my expedition. =)

    • Hiya Penny, thanks for dropping by! I decided a lonnnnng lonnnngggg time ago on my juicer – here’s the post I wrote about it back in 2010 https://sarahcairncross.com/what-do-you-use-to-juice-your-veggies/

      I’ve tried many other juicers since then, a couple that I bought whilst out in New Zealand and several others that other people own and still love, love, love the Vitalmax for the quality of juice and ease of cleaning. Mine is still going strong and it’s 10 years old now! My next culinary investment will be a decent blender..

      I’m following your blog now, so I’ll look out for what you decide to use and why 🙂

  3. I did the full 28 days last January and I felt amazing. I lost 17 and a half pounds!!! I also got rid of my hot flushes!! Before the detox I was waking around 10 – 14 times a night, dripping wet with sweat. About 2 weeks in, I noticed I was only waking around 4 times a night and about a week later I wasn’t waking in the night at all. For me this has been the BEST thing, getting my flushes under control. It has been life changing!! I now juice for breakfast almost everyday.

    In January I will be doing 2 weeks of the juicing again and then 2 weeks of the 7 day superfast food diet. Jason Vale rocks in my opinion!!!

    • Hii Lynne, well done for doing the full 28 days! And what a FANTASTIC result – not just the weight loss but for getting rid of the hot flushes, who’d have thought it huh?! And I totally agree, Jason Vale rocks! x

  4. Reading this post very inspiring. I’m just off to buy Jason Vale’s ‘Super Juice Me! I think this is going to be exactly what I am looking for as I need to lose those kilos including changes to my health too. Thank you ladies for your input and well done!

  5. I am about to start my 28 days Jason vale fruit fast. I am 22′ and suffer from high blood pressure which has been difficult to control even after trying high doses of 3 different medication, taking a combination of 2 at anyone time. I look forward to been able to stick to it for the whole 28 days and loosing some weight. I bought all my week 1 items yesterday and then proceeded to juice every combination. I.e 5 portions per day. I bought some small bottled mineral water and put the water into other containers, so all my juices are in 500cl bottles. I read that the just es only keep for 24 to 72 hrs So I froze the juices for day 2 onwards. I leave a busy life style and know that I would not be able to juice in the week. Juicing the whole weeks worth in one go is hard work. I had a joke in my head that that the exercise you get from shopping and juicing for the week is probs Ly how the weight is lost. Joke…☺

    • Hey Kenny, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and well done for making the decision to try a juice fast, I’m sure you won’t regret it! You seem to have your mind in the right place and congratulations on getting so organised – that’s the hardest part done and yeah, carrying all the fruit and veg IS a workout *grin*. I’d also recommend watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross too – it’s free on YouTube > here. Let me know how you get on and if you’re documenting your journey online anywhere, please share the link x

  6. Currently on day one of the 28 Day Super Juice Me Diet and all I want to do is eat…Really don’t know how I’m going to make it through 27 more days when I’m already trying to work out if i’ll still achieve good weight loss if I juice for two meals, don’t snack, and just have one healthy meal in the evening ! Well Done anyone who has made it past day one…please tell me it gets easier! x

    • Hi Caitlin, thanks for leaving a message and well done for getting started on your cleanse. What I recommend you do is to join a group of people who are also doing the Super Juice Me, there’s probably a choice of Facebook Groups if you’re on there and the support you’ll get from others who are doing or it, or have done it will be really helpful for your success I reckon. Every time you feel like crumbling, go in and say HELP!

      Following a plan takes all the thinking about what to eat away, so hopefully by Day 5 you’ll be into the swing of thing. Up until then, stick post it notes up everywhere on why you’re doing it and as screen savers on your phone or computer. If you’re into Pinterest, gather together images on a private board that represent what you want to achieve, then spend some time every day looking at it and VISUALISE and FEEL yourself at the end of the 28 days. Sounds a bit nutty but it works.

      Get a notebook and every day at bed time write down how you’re feeling, what’s been different, notice the little positive things and 3 things you’re grateful for.

      Remember to drink a load of water – 2 to 3 litres as quite often I actually was thirsty and not hungry (or bored! haha). But don’t drink any at least half an hour before you juice and again, wait half an hour after to help digestion.

      I never got hungry on the Super Juice Me diet but I did hanker to chew stuff. If the craving got too bad I had half an avocado or a small banana and savoured every well chewed mouthful.

      And YES it DOES get easier! Send me an email via my contact page if you want to chat some more. Me writing this has prompted me to think about starting my own group in Facebook maybe and to get writing some more blog posts, so thank you x

  7. Hi
    Im on day 4 of Super Juice me and I feel fantastic and have dropped 5pounds. My brain fog has lifted. I did have a almond milk and banana smoothy yesterday and I am online trying to find if that is ok.
    Does anyone know if the recipes that are on the website called “special guests” are meant to be drunk once a day?
    I can’t find it anywhere.
    Anyway, Im trying my best to give it a crack.

    • Hi Terri, personally I don’t do well on nut mylks so tend to avoid them. When I did Super Juice Me I used the app and simply made the juices it told me to make – taking all the guesswork out of it was great. I recommend you do the same x

  8. Im just about to start the 28 day juice plan but im confused! In the book it gave the recipes of the different juices.. do u have the same juice 3 times a day?

    • Hi Claire, I was just thinking about doing the same! Basically you make two juices a day and they’re divided into 4 ‘meals’ plus there’s usually a powershot first thing. So you’re having each juice twice during the day – does that make sense? I used the app when I did it which made everything very easy, including the shopping list. I would recommend joining a very active support group on Facebook, if you’re on there – it’s not ‘official’ but full of people like us – https://www.facebook.com/groups/thepositivespin/. I hope that helps – let me know how you get on 🙂

  9. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for writing this blog post, I currently am on day 8 of the Superjuice me challenge and am looking for inspiration as I still feel pretty hungry (no cravings though which is good).
    One question: what made you talk about the parasite cleanse? Did you have issues? What type of cleanse would you do? I am a bit worried about parasites as I had them in the past and am afraid to get them again as nothing is cooked.
    Also, a bit like you I made the mistake to weight myself on day 6 which was a bit disappointing as It looked like I had only lost 4 pounds. I’ll try not to do that again as it’s not helping with my motivation.
    Have you made other juicing fasts this year and if yes, how did it go?
    Looking forward to reading your answer 🙂

    • Hi Sophie, how’d you get on with the challenge? I hope you let me know. With regards to the parasite cleanse, it’s one of those things that I read about other people doing a lot and it makes sense to do it when on a juice cleanse as that’s probably already dislodging critters… OrganicOlivia.com was a big inspiration for me a couple of years ago, so you may find her story on the subject an interesting one. I’m not sure about the long term benefits of a long fast anymore but would definitely consider up to 3 day fasts. I’m going to start blogging again soon and sharing whatever I’m up to next, so watch this space!

  10. Hello, im on day 13 of the 28 super juice me challenge. Does anyone else find they have a green fury feeling tongue? I have found some of the juices quite acidic also as my throat seems to get quite claggy after having a juice. Does anyone know if its a specific ingredient which could be causing this?

    • Hiya Charlotte, nice to see you here and thanks for asking a question. Yes, your tongue is a great indicator of health and it will feel and look furry when your body starts cleaning itself out. It’s green because of all the green you’re consuming! Regarding acidicity, I’d advise you make a note when you have problems to see if there’s a common ingredient and maybe change that out for something else instead – all recipes can be altered to suit individual needs. My daughter has a problem with pineapple, could it be that?

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