May the force be with you - How to annoy a geek

May The 4th Be With You

Slightly late but still done, is my video documenting the hopeful decline of my wobbly bits. Here is what I look like in technicolour glory and what more auspicious day to share than today as I am a little bit of a geek. May the 4th Be With You!

The image, How To Annoy A Geek, made me laugh in a slightly demented way to myself. Has it amused or annoyed you?

1 February 2017

Weight: 74.7kg / 165lb / 11st 11lb
Chest: 107cm
Waist: 91.5cm
Belly Button: 106.5cm
Hips: 104.5cm
Arm: 30.5cm
Thigh: 60cm
Calf: 39cm

1 March 2017

Weight: 71.6kg / 158lb / 11st 4lb
Chest: 103cm
Waist: 88cm
Belly Button: 103cm
Hips: 103cm
Arm: 30.5cm
Thigh: 58.5cm
Calf: 39cm

1 April 2017

Weight: 68.4kg / 151lb / 10st 11lb
Chest: 101cm
Waist: 84cm
Belly Button: 97cm
Hips: 100cm
Arm: 28.5cm
Thigh: 55.5cm
Calf: 37.5cm

4 May 2017

Weight: 68.2kg / 150lb / 10st 10lb
Chest: 100cm
Waist: 83cm
Belly Button: 96cm
Hips: 99cm
Arm: 28.5cm
Thigh: 55.5cm
Calf: 37.5cm


Thankfully my last minute tan I got before leaving Greece has left me with a healthy glow and by some major miracle I have not put on any weight. That is a HUGE surprise as I’ve gone a bit mad buying and eating all the crap I used to eat.

I don’t know why. Every single thing I’ve eaten I’ve thought…”Well that doesn’t taste great does it?” But I still ate most of it.

So now I’ve seen myself on video and measured myself I am inspired to get a grip. Doing this blog is a good tool for reminding myself of what I want and why and to give myself a kick up the arse.

Micro What?

Reading my last post I said I was going to get going with a micro-commitment exercise plan. Well, I have been walking every day but that is not what I meant. I meant to get going with doing some basic bodyweight exercises like lunges and plank and pushups. So that is going to start from tomorrow and I’ll keep a spreadsheet to track my progress.

I shall commit to doing one of each, every day. The theory behind that is once you get started, you end up doing more anyway and I am very self competitive so I know I’ll want to beat my previous number. As long as I do at least one of each every day, then I will have met my commitment and done what I said I was going to do so I can feel successful and feel encouraged and keep going instead of disappointed, grumpy and want to give up.

I watched a video about this ages ago and I’ve just spent half an hour looking for it, so I hope you find it useful too!

May Mayhem

I started off this month thinking it’d be a good idea to step outside my comfort zone and try dating again. As I haven’t micro commitmented myself enough to become someone who will invest heavily in this venture as I don’t yet feel totally worthy, I decided to take the easy option and create a profile on a website that is probably only slightly better than Tinder.

I’m not going to share what’s happened in the brief time I’ve been on there as it is worthy of a whole post on its own. All I will say is that I’ve changed my mind on the whole dating thing (again) and will instead focus on improving myself and my finances (again).


Dry Fasting

This really worked well for me, as I mentioned in last month’s video. Basically it means that I only consume food and liquids within a consecutive 8 hour window – say from 11am – 7pm – and the rest of the time I don’t eat or drink anything. Here’s a link to an article about the benefits of dry fasting. I’ll write some more about my own experience soon as it’s inspired me to think about doing another detox cleanse. Well, it is almost bikini weather with the Summer coming in the UK. Supposedly…




2 thoughts on “May The 4th Be With You

  1. I love your blog posts and writing style! Humor mixed in with great information 🙂 You are doing so well- very steady progress. The dry fasting sounds interesting. Bet that has cut down on getting up during the night to use the bathroom!
    I can’t thank you enough for the link to the micro commitment video. I watched it and got so much out of it. He’s so right about motivating yourself with small successes.

    I have finally gotten into the ‘zone’. I am not losing 2lbs a week like I was able to in my thirties, but am satisfied with the slow 1/2 lb per week that is coming off. Between intermittent fasting and the consistent (although minimal) exercise, I feel like this is now a way of life. It seems as though my stomach has shrunk and I’m not as hungry between eating. Also, I chose the weight I want to be, and found out the average calorie intake of someone that maintains that weight to use as a guide going forward.

    • That makes me really happy to hear that you enjoy them AND that they’re useful – seriously, it really encourages me and I’m thinking now about making the effort to do something on here once a week. People seemed to enjoy my crap recipe videos, even when it went wrong, and I’m wishing I’d not deleted a load of them now.

      Dry fasting I’ve found surprisingly easy to do and yes, now I’m not forcing lots of water down my throat I don’t have to stumble to the loo and back and can catch flies with my cake hole allllllll night long. The only thing I need to do is balance it better with more water rich fruits and veg and make more juices and smoothies.

      And YES! I agree totally that consistency is more important than anything else. The micro commitment thing and a spreadsheet is working well for me, I hope it does for you too. Keep me updated on your journey, it sounds like you’ve cracked a lot of the mental shite which is great xx

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