Sarah Cairncross drinks green liquid lunch

Liquid Lunch

G’day to you.  I was just sat here on this bloomin’ freezing, snowy day – yes, snow, even in Shoreham.. tucking into my green liquid lunch when I refilled my glass and thought hmmm let …

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Celery Shoehorn - a quick raw food snack

Celery Shoe Horn

Ok, well no video today.  I did say photo OR video eh – feedback on what you’d prefer is always welcome though. I did have a go at making tomato crackers from the Kate Wood …

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Crying over scales on Day 43 of my weight loss journey

Crying Over Scales

Crying over scales… Ok it’s more like ranting over my scales and wanting to hide the results with a big bar of chocolate. I HAVE been so much better this past week – more exercise …

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