Planning and action

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the wedding of Paul Fuggle and Philly Richards and what a wonderful day it was too!   They had decided it would be an alcohol free event in line with their lifestyle now and we were served the most delicious fruit smoothies on arrival at the venue Friday Island near Cirencester.

The whole day was filled with fun, love and laughter and Paul and Philly had really done something truly amazing – making their guests feel so cared for and creating an atmosphere of love and joy that everyone was, well, basking in!

How did they do this?  By planning and taking action!  So many tiny details really helped people relax and get into the spirit of the day – I am proud to say i was an oarsman in the bride v groom dragon boat race!!  And although it was a very novel experience for the majority of people being at a party with no alcohol, due to the games and icebreaker ideas that were planned, everyone relaxed and went completely nutty on the dance floor (not to mention singing scout songs round a campfire – complete with actions – and jumping in a hot tub in the clear crisp night).

Why am I telling you all this?  Well it reminded me that ANYTHING is possible if you have the vision, plan and then take action.

Eating more raw food doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun.  It isn’t impossible to do.  You just need to be clear about what you want to achieve and perhaps, more importantly, WHY you want to do it then break it down into what you need to do – one day at a time.  And be aware of beliefs you have that make you want to sabotage yourself.

Karen Knowler wrote a brilliant article in Get Fresh magazine that you may find helpful – you can read it on her blog here


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