Secret Jigsaw Addiction

I confess, I have a secret online jigsaw addiction. And if I want to achieve my outcomes for 2020, it’s going to have to end today.

I frequently have little obsessions and once I realise quite how much of my life is taken up with it, I’m very good at stopping it. Thank gawd.

My challenge THEN, is to not replace playing jigsaws with watching pimple popping videos, OR ANYTHING ELSE that does not move me nearer to where I want to be.

Stop Procrastinating Sarah

I’m terrible for it. I think of everything I have / need / want to do and then my mind lures me into something soothing. But it’s not soothing is it? It just stresses me out more as I’m still in the place I was and worrying instead of taking one small action.

My sister Nicola is great at getting on with things. In fact, not just her, I ironically surround myself with great friends who are fab at just doing it! Whatever the current flavour of ‘it’ is. Obviously I’m hoping that watching them will inspire or maybe shame me into action.

It doesn’t.

How To Help Myself

I’m going to restart daily habits that worked well for me in the past

  • meditation
  • journaling with a pen and lovely notebook (I love a lovely notebook)
  • get outside every day

I’ve also signed up this morning (at 4am! I have no idea why I woke up) for Mel Robbins free program called Best Decade Ever. This is her post on Instagram that inspired me to do so, I hope it helps you too x

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