Mosquito bites all over my legs - here's how to treat them

Beating The Bastard Mosquitos

I’m very well loved… By mosquitos, the little bastards. So whilst living in Greece, my attention swiftly focused on what to do about mosquitos bites. Both my sister Nicola and I unwittingly provided a bountiful …

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How to make kombucha with green tea - part 1

How To Make Kombucha

Oh dear, I’d completely forgotten that I’d made a video showing my first attempt at how to make kombucha with green tea. I was reminded about it by my family, as it is probably more …

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Lying in the bath and thinking about what I am not

What I Am Not

I was lying in the bath recently, listening to my mind chatter. It was pretty noisy in there I can tell you. It was yabbering on at me saying things like.. “Why on earth did …

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50's Housewife holding a jumbo sized enema bottle with a big smile on her face - why is that?!

Why Do A Coffee Enema?

I have been dead good and done only juices all week – even resisting mash potato and gravy AND ice-cream, but hell I feel bloated. This is probably a combination of my period being due …

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