Feeling Sparkly - green juice by Sarah Cairncross

Feeling Sparkly

Yesterday, despite having to exit the first hot yoga class I’ve been to in like, umm, two whole months (I needed to puke as the guy next to me smelled THAT bad)… I revived myself …

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Clean Green Juice - day 4 of 100 day juice challenge

Clean Green Juice

I didn’t get round to making today’s Clean Green juice until late afternoon as I went back to yoga for the first time in a month, this morning. ┬áDamn I was feeling fat and grumpy …

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Slick Willy - a gorgeous green juice by Sarah Cairncross

Slick Willy

It’s a beautiful fresh green juice thing… my Slick Willy *grin* One of those juices that make you think “Mmm. I should have made triple the quantities”. And not a cucumber in sight to make …

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