A Smoothie Or A Juice A Day

Freakin’ Fridge Fart

This juice is a case of – oh my gawdddd, is that all we’ve got in the fridge? For the Freakin’ Fridge Fart I juiced 3 sticks of celery 6 peeled mandarins (they were small …

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A juice that feels like good morning kisses

Good Morning Kisses

Grubbing around in the kitchen this morning, as I’ve been decidedly slack about doing food shopping, I created something that turned out to be so fab it reminded me of the joy of good morning …

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Nothing could be more Austin Powers than this juice!

Psychedelic Shake

Only Austin Powers could give you more psychedelic shake than this juice! Ok, the picture is more psychedelic (psychotic?), than the juice but I felt I must share it with you. It’s groovy baby. It …

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Pink perfection juice recipe

Pink Perfection

I’m on a roll now!   I rustled up this one in the kitchen and it really does taste gooooood.  No, I’m not a stuck record, just a fricking fabulous juice recipe creator 😛 Here’s how …

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Frothy green happiness in a glass - delicious green juice recipe

Frothy Green Happiness

Well I’ve finished the Juicemaster’s 7lbs in 7 Days detox – will upload a video later with my results – but have decided to stick with juicing for a while longer, maybe introduce a vegetarian …

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