Big Green No-Milk Shake in a glass

The Big Green No-Milk Shake

This is delicious, even though I do say so myself. My sister Nicola, who is also sampling my concoctions, declared it tasted just like a green milkshake. I take it as a great compliment! How …

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Sarah drinking a super green smoothie - here's the recipe

Sarah’s Super Green Smoothie

The greener way to start your day (yes, you just KNOW it’s gonna start coming out that colour the other end too!). Sarah’s Super Green Smoothie recipe: 1″ Root Ginger, peeled (more if you like …

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Lush Lunchbox in a glass - read the recipe

Lush Lunchbox Smoothie

I just made up another new smoothie and thought I’ll actually show you what it looks like AND name it *grin* Ta dah! Introducing the Lush Lunchbox! In it is: 2 sticks of celery 1 …

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Sarah Cairncross drinks green liquid lunch

Liquid Lunch

G’day to you.  I was just sat here on this bloomin’ freezing, snowy day – yes, snow, even in Shoreham.. tucking into my green liquid lunch when I refilled my glass and thought hmmm let …

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