How to make hummous - Sarah is in the kitchen to show you how

How To Make Hummous… With A Twist!

Bizarrely, I have just discovered a video I did back in 2013 that I did not post on my blog. What on earth could have distracted me THAT much?!  Or else I’ve accidentally deleted it… …

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Chocolate Nicecream for breakfast

Chocolate Nicecream – don’t mind if I do

What shall I have for breakfast this morning? Chocolate Nicecream! This is what I was thinking about whilst tramping across an invisible bridle path courtesy of a field being freshly ploughed in the West Sussex …

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The Tunagasm by Sarah Cairncross

The Tunagasm

No word of a lie, this little recipe I got off Instagram via @fitgirl4me caused what can only be described as The Tunagasm in my mouth. Yes, it deserves capitalisation. I have a load of recipes …

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How to make cabbage crisps, or cabbage chips if you're in the USA ;)

Cabbage Crisps

So I didn’t have any kale in my veg box this week *boo hoo*, what can I make crisps from instead? Cabbage! In the interest of experimentation, I thought I’d give it a whirl. I …

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carrot and beetroot vegetable chips dehydrating

How To Make Vegetable Crisps

Yesterday was quite eventful for me yesterday. I was in the kitchen *shock horror* and putting together a mainly raw food meal for some family – sisters, almost brother-in-law, and my step Mum, Eileen. So …

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