Juicemaster 7lbs in 7 Days | Juice Detox Weigh-In Results

Ooh are you chomping at the bit to know?  I was really dreading getting on the scales.. and I mean REALLY.  I was feeling tired and past two nights I’ve only slept between 4 and 5 hours and I had to get into that sodding bikini and flash my wobbly white bits.

Well I made myself do it and I’m almost (I did say ALMOST) sad that I only used photos in my first weigh-in on 1st January 2011.  It is pretty painful for me to look at myself but hey, it can only keep getting better and better!

Now for the bit you’ve been waiting for.. the video and what happened when I stopped waffling on and got on the damn scales *lol*

Cheesus I look like I’ve been dragged out of my grave!

Debs tweeted me and asked “was it good news and was it hard to do???”

Well I think you’ll agree it was pretty fewking great news!  And was it hard to do?  No, I found it pretty easy, didn’t even drink all the juices I was allowed every day and the urge to chew anything, even a door frame, didn’t overtake me this time.  I think it was maybe easier for me as I knew what to expect as I’ve done it successfully before, in 2009, plus I’d also made a strong internal commitment, like a mental switch.

Funnily enough, the only day I struggled at all was yesterday, the last day, as I was feeling so soooooo tired and lethargic, probably due to my poo problem.  The enema did help enormously with shifting stuff but I’m sure you didn’t really want to know that.  Hey you’ve gotta take the rough with the smooth though if you’re interested in coming on this challenge to get my sexy back with me!

In fact, if you have a burning question you’d like me to answer in my own inimitable style, please post it below or if you’re a little shy, you can contact me via email I’d love to hear from you x

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1 January 2011

Weight:  11 stone 12.5 lbs / 166.5 lbs / 75.5 kgBody Fat:  39%
Chest:  109 cm / 43″
Waist:  94 cm / 37″
Belly:  109 cm / 43″
Arm:  32 cm / 12.5″
Thigh:  62 cm / 24.5″


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11 January 2011

Weight:  11 stone 3 lbs /157 lbs /71 kg
Body Fat:  38%
Chest:  104 cm / 41″
Waist:  91.5 cm/36″
Belly:  108 cm / 42.5″
Arm:  30.5 cm / 12″
Thigh:  60 cm / 23.5″


7 thoughts on “Juicemaster 7lbs in 7 Days | Juice Detox Weigh-In Results”


    Well done Sarah, really proud of you now remember that feeling and comapre to the feeling you have when you have put on weight… Want any stodgy food now???? No didn’t think so

    Looking forward to the year being exactly the same mood as this, grab it with both hands and don’t give up and I KNOW you will get your sexxy back!! xx

    • Thanks Jo! Yes I’m on a 30 Day Meltdown Challenge from Dax Moy – the guy behind the Elimination Diet – and I’m very impressed with the quality of his stuff so far. I’m also managing to do the daily exercises as I keep saying to myself it’s just 20 mins.. it’s just 20 mins… hahahaha… that it’s 20 minutes four times a day, I don’t dwell on. Woo hoo bring back my sexayyyyy!

  2. Just found you whilst searching for content for my website and you have convinced me to get this book and start a juice detox. I want to lose about a stone in weight for my holiday in mid July this year so losing 7lb in 7 days would be brilliant. My only concern is that I am also training for a half marathon so am concerned my body will suffer from not having muscle repairing protein. Anyway I will give it a go and maybe have an ‘easy’ week with the running.
    Thanks again for inspiring me
    Jane :o)

  3. Hi Sarah

    I have been juicing for two days, as a meal replacement, i am now living in Italy, (one year now) i went on youtube and there you were and the 7 day diet, excellent,i loved your honesty, and i defo need to loose the two stone i gained from a bad time i had, a few years ago, (eating biscuits and drinking red wine) after a break up. I am going to buy the book and have it sent over to me. Keep up the good work, what vitamins or powders do i have to buy to put in it, as i will start shopping for them, straight away, they may be tricky to get here. Well done to you!! kind regards Angie

    • Hey Angie – lovely to hear from you 🙂 I can so understand about using food and booze to cope with emotions. I must admit I’m a horror for it, still but have decided I’m going to just start adding more and more ‘good stuff’ back into my life, to push out the crap. It feels better than saying ‘I’m going to give up this, stop that etc.’

      You leaving a comment actually, has coincided with me deciding last week that I want to revive the blog and start doing videos again. I’m almost back up to where I was in that video in 2011 – the horror. What I don’t acknowledge I can’t change though, can I? And to be frank, bollocks to what anyone else thinks.

      All of Jason’s books are brilliant but if you can’t wait, he’s got an app now too and if you’re on Facebook, it’s worth liking his Juicemaster page. I’m trying really hard to remember what supplements he recommends as I’ve not got the book any more – I gave it away to someone when downsized my life to living out of a suitcase. I’m sure he includes green powders such as wheatgrass, maybe spirulina, bio acidophilus.

      Nowadays I tend to buy Udo’s oil, Dr Schulze Superfood Plus, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Picolinate and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with ‘mother’ in it. I’m currently doing some research on other supplements as I’ve had an underactive thyroid glad since I was a kid and would like to do more to support it instead of popping standard medicine.

      If you have trouble finding anything locally, you can order easily online, in fact, Amazon is a major retailer for supplements now and they deliver anywhere! Best wishes for your juicy journey and I hope you stay in touch. Sarah x

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