Why I Do Juice Fasts

Recently my brother, Alex, left a comment on an online photo album I’d created about my recent 21 Day Juice Fast and it got me really thinking about why I do juice fasts.

Basically what I think he was getting at, was that it’s all very well and good doing a juice fast but it’s not sustainable FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.  And of course, he’s right.

The reason why I do juice fasts is that they

  • help me refocus and be more positive
  • give me a load of nutrition in easily digestible form
  • kick cravings in to touch
  • ditch bad habits
  • help me see where I’m using food as a crutch
  • make me think creatively about alternative things to do to deal with my emotions instead of eating – and I then have to take the action
  • easily show me, when I add foods back into my diet afterwards, what my body doesn’t like – ie. cheese and wheat

Physical benefits include

  • weight loss
  • clear skin
  • bright eyes
  • no uncomfortable bloating
  • frequent bowel movements
  • more energy
  • a much nicer mouth in the morning
  • less stinky all round

Juice fasting is great. It floods my body with a load of nutrients which my body is probably gagging for. There is no hunger as I’m having something every two to three hours, so I actually feed myself far more frequently than I usually do. And it gives my whole body a chance to rest and clear the crap out – and believe me – there is a load of crap in there.

But what happens at the end of a juice fast?

I guess that’s what Alex was concerned about. My family has seen me yoyo up and down the bathroom scales and to be frank, they would probably love me to just sort my shit out and figure things out so losing weight is not part of my vocabulary any more.

Which is why I started this blog again.

I want to stop having to think about what I’m eating because I’VE CHANGED MY HABITS.

And writing and making videos helps me make myself accountable when practising new behaviours as it takes a while for something new to become a habit.

It also helps me see where I’m making excuses for myself and pushes me to figure out what I can DO INSTEAD.

I know now that it’s no good saying, it’s simple, I will just stop doing that.  Yeah, sure it’s simple to stop BUT the Universe doesn’t like a vacuum – it wants to fill up that mother fu…. hole. So if I don’t have a better alternative to hand, my old habit will creep back in.

I also realise that I don’t have to be perfect

I don’t know if it’s a Virgo trait or if it’s just that I’ve let my fears build up and become my reality over the past few years. Probably that. Either way, I’ve been worrying and thinking about not being good enough for far too long.

I’m never going to be perfect. Cake – raw AND cooked are always going to factor in my life. Chips too..

But I CAN make better choices MORE of the time. And just enjoy life, food, love.

I’ve been educating myself on health and nutrition for a long time now. Trying different things out, using myself as an experiment. And I hope I’ll always be open to something new.

I still have to catch myself, as a big fat NO often pops up in my head immediately when people talk about something or try and make a suggestion – not just about diet and exercise – but I’m more aware all the time and strive to be more humble.

So my next step on this path is to get clear, devise alternatives, eat everything with joy and ditch the guilt.

Food for me is not just fuel, it’s sharing with friends and family, energising, warming, satisfying and ultimately, I want it to be freeing.

And so yes, I will be doing juice fasts again in the future.
And don’t worry, I’m cutting the string on the yoyo.

photo credit: Candie_N (Welcome Spring)

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